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Are You Living In The Moment?

Why are you taking pictures of you're children on your phone instead of enjoying the moment?

So many people love to be critical these days and claim that if you're taking pictures on your phone, filming a little clip that "you're not living in the moment".

Wrong! I agree that there are occasions where taking a picture on you're phone is unacceptable. Taking pictures at a Wedding where professional images are being taken is a huge NO,NO! Yes take pictures through

out the day but that shot of Bride and groom coming down the aisle, I would want to see my guests looking at me and my Husband not the footage taking place on their phone in my Wedding Album.


But when out with your kids, family, friends, does taking pictures on your phone ruin the day?

True these images will never be of a quality you could have big on your living room walls (but that's what I'm here for) but does it help you remember things you would have forgotten as they grow?

Personally I like to have my phone in my pocket and if something happens that I want to remember I will take a quick picture. This picture is not just for me and my terrible memory. It's there to document how my children have grown, the things we've overcome, it shows the growth in all of us.

It is also a window, a glimpse into our life for my children's Grandparents, my own Grandma who doesn't get to share these experiences with us. Unfortunately as we get older we slow down and can become isolated. As much we don't like it, this is the reality for most. When we visit my Grandma she loves to pop her glasses on and sit with my youngest on her knee as he shows her pictures and videos from their adventures. He talks with such excitement that I can tell

you he lived in the moment and is reliving it every time he looks through our photos.


My parents always had shoe boxes full of photo's when we were little and so did my Grandparents. The only difference is that we will be letting our kids scroll through a hard drive to look at the Thousand upon thousand's of images, is that really a bad thing?

Are you all in the images though? I find that I am usually the one taking the pictures I'm rarely in any. Booking Family Portrait Sessions is a must to ensure everyone is included and getting professional images means you can get that huge piece of Wall Art and it will be excellent quality to treasure forever. Studio Sessions are fun and you can choose colours and a style that best fits you and your family. Now that the weather is picking up I have lot's of people booked in for Outdoor sessions, even though our Cumbrian weather can be unpredictable and can sometimes result in a change of date. But we live on the doorstep of one of the most beautiful places on Earth the Lake District, who could resist?


Moral of the blog is take your phone out and capture it or keep it in your pocket, the choice is yours nobody else's and if they are busy judging you, well they are definitely not living in the moment. If it's not hurting anyone then really there's no need to comment, is there?

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